March 7th, 2009 NASA launched the Kepler Space Telescope as part of a mission to detect Earth sized planets orbiting their parent stars in the “sweet spot” that allows a planet to be habitable. At 11am EST on Monday NASA will hold a Press Conference at the Ames Research Center to discuss new findings made by the Kepler Space Telescope. Nearly a year ago NASA held a similar press conference and announced the discovery of over 1,200 alien planet candidates. According to NASA officials, Monday’s conference will provide an update to statistical findings made by the Kepler mission. It will also “introduce a new confirmed planetary discovery”.

So far Kepler has discovered a confirmed 27 planets. Without detracting from the scientific importance of the Kepler discoveries, their announcement could hardly be called “disclosure”. Why then did I bandy about the D-word in the post title? The answer to that is buried in’s article announcing the conference. According to the article one of the participants in the press briefing will be Jill Tarter, director of the Center for SETI Research at the SETI Institute. From my brief research this is the first time that a representative of SETI has been included in a Kepler mission press conference (please correct me in the comments if I am wrong). To me, at least, this would seem to indicate that there may be more to the “new confirmed planetary discovery” than a simple “yup, we found another planet”.

This press conference may be the first step toward disclosing the truth about the UFO phenomenon and life outside of our planet. It is widely believed by many (myself included) that if the government were to come out and say that UFOs are real and they are not from our planet, there would be widespread panic that could have lasting negative effects on the entire planet. If instead, NASA were to announce that they have identified a planet that may contain intelligent life that is so far away travel would not be possible (as long as faster than light travel can’t happen) it would be a shock, but nothing that would have a direct impact on day-to-day Earth life and would be much easier news to hear. This would give us time to come to grips with the idea we are not alone before having to deal with more shocking truths. In the end, though, this is all just wild speculation and we will have to wait until Monday to find out what NASA has up their sleeves.


According to the video’s description, a couple noticed this triangular UFO/light formation while leaving a shopping center somewhere in Ohio on November 27th. The report goes on to say that the object held its position for at least an hour before disappearing. Even without any more background information, this video is still interesting. First, we have what appears to be the original audio track and it does not seem to contain any aircraft-type noises. Also, there is plenty of “framing” footage that gives us a good frame of reference and clearly shows that the object is in the sky. Additionally, there is none of the telltale flicker of a Chinese lantern visible. At the end of the clip, we are presented with a zoomed in view of the craft. Here, we can just make out some sort of strobe like flashes present in the lights, which might indicate a terrestrial aircraft, however the light configuration/color scheme doesn’t seem to indicate an aircraft following FAA regulations. This combined with the audio evidence would lead me to believe that this at least not a “normal” aircraft. What then could it be, a UFO, a TR-3b type secret aircraft, or something else? What do you think?

Triangle UFO Sighting over Ohio – Nov 28 2011


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