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Here is an interesting video that comes to us by way of YouTube user ThirdPhaseOfMoon. Unfortunately, we don’t have very much information about the video other than it was supposedly shot somewhere along the California cost September 19th of this year. Making this video even harder to judge, the original soundtrack has been replaced with some eerie sounding drone type music. Despite these short comings the video is still extremely interesting (and I highly recommend watching at 1080p if your connection will allow it). The first thing that strikes me is that the objects, the cattle and the fore/backgrounds all seem to jiggle together when the camera shakes. This would indicate either an incredibly detailed CGI job or that everything that we are seeing was actually in front of the camera. The shakes themselves “feel” consistent with a someone trying to steadily hand hold a fully zoomed out camera. Again this could be CGI, but my gut just isn’t jumping up and down screaming fake. I would love to see more footage and have more info on the sighting, but for now I’ll leave it to you. UFO, CGI, or some other perfectly reasonable, non-extraordinary explanation?


Here we have an interesting video from Sweden that shows a strange USO speeding through the water. The white orb appears to be moving at a decent clip producing a small wake behind it. Additionally it seems to be quite maneuverable. Since the YouTube video is of a newscast, you cannot hear any of the original audio track, but the crew of the sail boat seems genuinely intrigued by the object. Since the crew reported incident to the military, I tend to believe that if this is a hoax that the crew is not involved. However, this does not rule out the orb being a human-manufactured object. None the less, this is an interesting video. What do you think the white orb is?


NYPD LogoLast night on 60 Minutes NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly shared an interesting piece of information. Apparently, according to Kelly, the NYPD has anti-aircraft capabilities. While Commissioner Kelly was careful to point out that the decision to deploy the cities AA assets would only be made in the most extreme situations, he did say they are equipped and prepared should the need arise.

US Marine With Stinger MissileBecause Kelly declined to elaborate on the exact nature of the NYPD’s anti-aircraft arsenal we are left to speculate what exactly that might be. While there are a vast array of AA weapon systems available, my guess is that the NYPD is most likely fielding the FIM-92 Stinger Missile in its man portable configuration (seen to the left being fired by a US Marine). Since the NYPD would most likely need to deploy its anti-aircraft weapons against a single small aircraft, a shoulder fired solution seems like the best choice. In this sort of situation the city wouldn’t need the multi-fire capability of a vehicle mounted system and being man portable, the stinger can be discreetly transported without panicking the public, is quickly deployable and still deadly accurate (ironically the same reason authorities are afraid terrorist may choose to use a shoulder fired missile against a commercial aircraft).

Regardless of the weapons system the NYPD is using, the fact of the matter is that they are capable of shooting an aircraft that they feel is a threat out of the sky. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand I can understand a municipality to wanting to be able to protect its citizens (and thus its businesses and tax revenue) from every possible threat. However, what we are witnessing is incredibly powerful weaponry being placed in the hands of police officers and I don’t know if that is a good thing. What do you think?

Fighting terrorism in New York City [via Gizmodo]