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In what can only be called a groundbreaking experiment, scientist at UC Berkley have managed to record video of what a person is seeing by using functional MRI. After showing subjects a set of baseline images and recording the corresponding brain activity, the researchers were able to create composite images that reflected, quite eerily, what the test subjects saw. As you can see from the video above, the images being produced are blurry, though I would imagine early photographs looked similar as the technique was being developed. Currently the researchers are only able to reproduce images that the subject is seeing, though they hope to be able to extend the technology to allow the viewing of dreams and possibly even memories.

While from a scientific standpoint this is amazing, I can’t help but feel a little creeped out by it on a personal level. This really is the stuff of science fiction (not the fun, happy utopia kind either) and while now researchers can only see what you are seeing using a huge machine where will the technology be in 10 or 20 years, especially if they are able to refine the technology to view memories and dreams? The US government already ignores the 4th Amendment wholesale, how long until they ignore the 5th? I can imagine there are some very excited people at Homeland Security imagining setting up scanning stations to pick out people thinking about committing a crime or act of terrorism.

Scientists use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind [via Engadget Alt]


Okay, so the post title may be a little over the top, but when you watch this video it may not seem so sensationalistic. These very dead, gutted & skinned dogfish fillets caught Youtube user TheSilvercarmel by surprise when they started flopping wildly while she was making dinner. I could go on discussing how weird and creepy this is, but really the video speaks for itself.

This apparently went on for approximately an hour, when TheSilvercarmel’s husband put the zombie fish down for good. (For those of you interested in more zombie dogfish action, there is a second clip available here for your viewing pleasure.)

On a semi-related note, apparently sprinkling salt on freshly skinned frog legs causes a similarly creepy reaction. I don’t know if the two phenomena are related, but just incase you still haven’t got your fill of twitching carrion, this is an excellent example of dancing frog legs.

Freaky Tea 1 [via Boing Boing]