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The evening of February 28th, several witnesses saw what appeared to be a meteor falling from the sky over Miami, Florida. However, it soon became apparent to the witnesses that the object they were watching was no meteor. According to three separate reports to MUFON (report #1, report #2, report #3) the “meteor” split into multiple objects which proceeded to change direction and fly off. Additionally, one of the witnesses saw the exact same thing happen moments later in the same area of the sky. This is a video (unfortunately of very low quality) of the same sighting taken by a fourth witness that shows the objects appearing to hover in the sky as they split apart and the second “meteor” falling and splitting up.

One possible explanation is that planes from the nearby Homestead Air Reserve Base were dropping flares, but in all the footage I have seen, flares are usually dropped separately in a line and are all individually visible from the time that they are dropped. The lights were only visible as a single point of light until they neared the ground in all of the witness statements. (Please feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong, as my knowledge of military flares is admittedly limited.) Additionally, if the lights were flares being carried by prevailing winds, they should have all been carried in approximately the same direction at approximately the same speed, but two of the witness accounts say that the objects flew at different speeds in multiple directions. This leads me to believe that these objects were not flares, leaving me wondering what exactly flying over South Florida that night? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

MUFON Witness Report #1
MUFON Witness Report #2
MUFON Witness Report #3
UFO Sighting Miami 28.02.2010 @ Dailymotion