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walmart.jpgExcept in rare instances, when I make a trip to Walmart, I go in and grab what I need, pay and leave as quickly as possible (though my local Walmart’s refusal to open more than a small handful their registers usually thwarts that). There is just something about that store that I can’t stand. So for me, even the thought of spending anymore time than necessary in one makes my skin crawl. That said, I have always a morbid curiosity with what it would be like to stay in one since they changed over to being open 24-7. Thanks to Bayan Rabbani over at, my curiosity has been satisfied. Bayan is not very clear on why he decided to spend 24 consecutive hours inside a Walmart Supercenter (though can there even be a rational explanation for wanting to do that), but he did and fortunately for the rest of the internet he chronicled his adventure on Twitter for posterity.

While his 24 hour experiment is full of interesting anecdotes ranging from fondling produce to waking up in the Mcdonalds with no memory of how he got there, the true high point (at least for me) is that it took the crack Walmart management team a full twenty two hours to realize that he was staying in the store. Though I guess they should at least be given credit for being good sports about the whole affair. After Bayan explained what he was doing they let him stay the last two hours to finish out the full 24.

The Walmart Experiment: 24 Hours Locked Inside a Super Walmart [via The Consumerist]