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Here we have an interesting clip filmed by a cellphone wielding Muscovite looking out from an apartment window in the North Chertanovo district of Moscow. It shows a triangle formation of lights floating slowly inside a cloud bank before disappearing off into the distance. Having been filmed on a cell phone, there isn’t much detail in the clip, but the light sources appear to fluctuate as they move through the clouds as one would expect lights inside a cloud to do. Also they appear to remain equidistant, which seems to eliminate the possibility that we are seeing 3 Chinese lanterns. As far as the clip’s audio track, we can hear two voices speaking Russian. While I don’t speak Russian (coincidentally if someone does and would like to leave a translation in the comments, that would be awesome), the speakers seem to have a slightly quizzical tone in their conversation which leads me to believe they don’t understand what they are seeing. All in all, it would seem that this clip is possibly a genuine UFO sighting (baring of course that it is not a CGI fueled hoax – which in this day and age can never be ruled out when considering a YouTube video). What do you think? UFO? Chinese lanterns? CGI Hoax? Let me know in the comments.

enhanced still from the video

While I don’t normally go in for “fake plane” theories, this video out of Moscow has me rethinking my position. While most of the fake plane evidence that you find online revolves around pictures or videos that can easily be explained away as light playing off the fuselage or a camera hitting it’s limitations, this video shows something different. In this footage there appears to be nothing leaving the 4 contrails visible in the clip, but there is apparently something there, because there are spots of light ahead of the contrails that I can only guess is the sun reflecting off of something. Baring this being a very well edited hoax, this clip may be the best fake plane evidence that I have seen to date. What exactly is leaving the contrails in this video? Is it a cloaked UFO, new military technology, or can this clip be easily explained away? Feel free to share your thoughts on the footage or the subject of fake planes in the comments.

Daytime UFO Fake Plane over Moscow 15.04.2010


You may remember earlier this month the video footage of a strange cloud formation over Moscow that set the internet ablaze with speculation. Today we have a second video of the same sort of glowing cloud phenomena, this time filmed over Romania. Supposedly filmed yesterday, this footage shows almost exactly the same glowing ring that was visible in the Moscow footage:

What exactly are we seeing here? Does this video and the one filmed in Moscow show some sort of UFO hovering in the clouds? If this is some sort of rare natural phenomenon, why have we suddenly seen it twice in the same month? This video may raise more questions than it answers, but if you put any stock in the collective rumblings of the internet, we may have the answer sooner rather than later.

For those of you that may have missed it, or would like to watch it again, here is the Moscow footage from earlier this month:

U.F.O Bizarre clouds filmed ALSO over Romania! October 2009 [via UFO-Blogger]