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Here we have an interesting clip filmed by a cellphone wielding Muscovite looking out from an apartment window in the North Chertanovo district of Moscow. It shows a triangle formation of lights floating slowly inside a cloud bank before disappearing off into the distance. Having been filmed on a cell phone, there isn’t much detail in the clip, but the light sources appear to fluctuate as they move through the clouds as one would expect lights inside a cloud to do. Also they appear to remain equidistant, which seems to eliminate the possibility that we are seeing 3 Chinese lanterns. As far as the clip’s audio track, we can hear two voices speaking Russian. While I don’t speak Russian (coincidentally if someone does and would like to leave a translation in the comments, that would be awesome), the speakers seem to have a slightly quizzical tone in their conversation which leads me to believe they don’t understand what they are seeing. All in all, it would seem that this clip is possibly a genuine UFO sighting (baring of course that it is not a CGI fueled hoax – which in this day and age can never be ruled out when considering a YouTube video). What do you think? UFO? Chinese lanterns? CGI Hoax? Let me know in the comments.