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To say that in Caracas, Venezuela traffic is a problem would be making a gross understatement. In the Sucre district of the city it has become such a problem that the mayor has turned to mimes to help tame the area’s traffic woes. The 120 specially trained mimes wearing brightly colored “clown-like” costumes took to the streets the past week to admonish traffic law violators. Surprisingly, this isn’t a new idea. A similar program that was successful in Bogota, Colombia prompted Sucre’s mayor Carlos Ocariz to give the mimes a try. Will giving bad drivers the “silent treatment” prompt them to change their ways?

In Venezuela, gas is cheap (like 14 cents a gallon cheap), driving is seen as a right and very little is done to regulate it. In fact, Venezuelan authorities were unable to even suspend drivers licenses until 2008 and they didn’t actually suspend a single license until earlier this year when police stopped a bus driver whose vehicle was overloaded with passengers, speeding and missing a wheel. The driver’s license was suspended for one year. The maximum suspension that the law allows is 5 years, but you need to kill someone to receive that harsh a punishment. With no real penalties for breaking traffic laws drivers are free to do what ever they want on the roads. Speeds on Venezuela’s pothole filled highways routinely exceed 100 miles per hour as drivers weave from lane to lane and motorcyclists treat sidewalks as their own passing lanes. With such little emphasis on traffic safety, it is hard to imagine that putting mimes on the street in will do anything but add to the chaos.

City Hires Mimes to Give Bad Drivers the Silent Treatment


The footage you are watching was captured during a Carmack Prize attempt by team Qu8k. (More footage is available at the end of the post.) While the simple fact that this video was recorded by amateurs who managed to send a rocket through 99% of our atmosphere to an altitude of 22 miles is absolutely amazing, what I find exhilarating is what private launches like this can mean for ufology. Presently, when it comes to searching for UFOs outside of our atmosphere, we are stuck either peering through telescopes or searching through NASA footage. While we can be in full control of our telescopes, the problem with NASA footage is that NASA decides what footage they release and it doesn’t seem that they are keen on sharing any UFO evidence with the public. This means ufologists are stuck looking for scraps missed by NASA’s censors.

However, amateur rocketry gives us another option. As you can see from these videos, private citizens are now capable of recording incredibly high quality video from space (more or less). While this launch didn’t catch anything “interesting”, we can see that if something was there the rocket’s cameras would have recorded it. Each private launch gives us a chance to collect incredible evidence that otherwise would be unavailable to UFO researchers. As the technology developes, launches like this will become a possibility for more and more people. We will no longer dependent on governments or large corporations to let us look beyond our own planet. I really think we are at the precipice of something amazing. What do you think?

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photo courtesy U.S. Army Environmental Command

A company called Holy Smoke from Stockton, Alabama wants to let you turn your dearly departed loved ones into ammunition. For approximately $850, the company will turn 1 pound of cremated remains into 250 shotgun shells, 250 handgun cartridges or 100 rifle cartridges. According to their site the base $850 fee will cover most standard calibers/gauges and loads, though they will also produce specialty calibers and loadings for a nominal fee. Customers can also opt to upgrade the standard plastic ammo box for a display-grade walnut ammunition carrier with an engraved name plate. Since Holy Smoke’s process only uses a portion of the cremated remains, more traditional funeral options are also possible in conjunction with the service.

In a word where you can already have your remains shot into space, turned into a diamond or become part of your own memorial fireworks display, I am honestly surprised no one has come up with this sooner. Especially considering the very strong gun culture in the US and the service’s relatively low-cost, I could actually see this becoming a popular way to memorialize a gun enthusiast. I personally think burial is a waste of space and while I don’t know what I would like done with my remains, I can hardly think of a better way to honor a gun enthusiast than taking their favorite gun to the range or on a hunt and let part of them be involved in the activity. What do you think? Would you like to be turned into memorial ammunition or is there something else you would like done with your remains? Feel free to share in the comments.

Holy Smoke, LLC [via Make]