The footage you are watching was captured during a Carmack Prize attempt by team Qu8k. (More footage is available at the end of the post.) While the simple fact that this video was recorded by amateurs who managed to send a rocket through 99% of our atmosphere to an altitude of 22 miles is absolutely amazing, what I find exhilarating is what private launches like this can mean for ufology. Presently, when it comes to searching for UFOs outside of our atmosphere, we are stuck either peering through telescopes or searching through NASA footage. While we can be in full control of our telescopes, the problem with NASA footage is that NASA decides what footage they release and it doesn’t seem that they are keen on sharing any UFO evidence with the public. This means ufologists are stuck looking for scraps missed by NASA’s censors.

However, amateur rocketry gives us another option. As you can see from these videos, private citizens are now capable of recording incredibly high quality video from space (more or less). While this launch didn’t catch anything “interesting”, we can see that if something was there the rocket’s cameras would have recorded it. Each private launch gives us a chance to collect incredible evidence that otherwise would be unavailable to UFO researchers. As the technology developes, launches like this will become a possibility for more and more people. We will no longer dependent on governments or large corporations to let us look beyond our own planet. I really think we are at the precipice of something amazing. What do you think?

22 miles straight up in 90 seconds

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