Here we have an interesting video that comes to us from Humboldt Bay, California of a strange chemtrail/contrail that appears to be coming from a slow-moving yet unseen object hovering in the sky. While I tend to side with chemtrail skeptics, I find video extremely interesting. The end of the trail is barely moving over the 4+ minute duration of the video. While this could be achieved through clever video editing, I just am not getting the impression that this is the case here. Additionally, there is only barely a glimmer of something visible at the end of the trail at 0:26 when you view the 720p version of the video at full screen. While I don’t think this video is the result of editing, part of me wonders if the barely visible craft and slow movement is the result of the viewer’s perspective. ¬†Are we seeing a slow-moving UFO/cloaked plane or do you think the video is just the result of an optical illusion? I don’t know. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Chemtrail craft/ fake/ invisible/ stealth plane hovering as it sprays 2011

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2 Responses to “Strange Chemtrail / Contrail Behavior Captured Over California”

  1. clyde says:

    clearly saw chemtrails over southern ca, 9/14/11 how do we stop it

  2. Lyndsey says:

    If you’re still skeptical, you haven’t done enough research. I know in this day and age, ‘research” means hit Google and pick from the 1st page. The NSA knows this and censors the more informative and honest blogs and articles further down the list. YouTube does the same thing. It shouldn’t be surprising as I definitely noticed the difference on Youtube when Google took them over.

    Did you ever think it odd that the official explanation is that these massive lines sprayed in the sky that linger for hours and completely dim out the sun is “normal condensation”? First off, California is the desert and even at high altitudes, the humidity is rarely there to even leave a natural condensation trail. When it did happen, it was always at very high altitudes that you had to squint to see. Today’s are many times much lower.
    You sound older, maybe 30′s or 40′s? So you were growing up before technology took over and pretty much destroyed the way children had grown up for 1000”s of years. It takes away family and takes away a child’s imagination. This was prophesized and its been being done very systematically in front of us. Most of the world has been too ‘dumbed down’ to even recognize it.

    Before the techtonic age, children and adults were much more aware of thier surroundings. Now people are much more private, as if they’re walking around in a bubble w/ I Phone & Ipod in hand.

    I know about 1/2 of you are probably laughing now that religion has entered the picture, and I too would’ve been laughing with you if I hadn’t been researching this full time for 8 yrs. All those alien movies and zombie movies being released this past decade are for a reason. They are programming you to get prepared to be depopulated. They’ve planned this for decades through the UN branch, UNESCO. I know it’s hard to believe, but its very satanic in nature with freemasons involved.

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