The picture below was taken by Flickr user Magic_lamp while on a RyanAir fight from Portugal to the UK this May. He says, that despite being very cliche for this type of photo, he did not notice the dark spot in the upper left of the image along the curvature of the earth when he took the photograph.


At first glance, it appears to be a speck of something stuck to the window of the plane, but as you look closer it become apparent that what ever was there was not stuck to the plane. When you blow up the object things begin to get interesting…


As you can see, the object does not appear to be any sort of known aircraft or balloon. At this level of magnification we can begin to see that the object appears to be three dimensional. When you look at the cloud tops and the engine cowling, it appears that the object was being lit by the same light source as the engine and clouds. This becomes clearer as we further enlarge and inhance the image. This time to 1700% of the original size (this was done with SmillaEnlarger at the default setting).


Here we can see from the shadows on the object that it appears to have convex sides and that the side of the object facing away from the viewer may be curved or have curved corners. Additionally, we can see that the 4 blue dots along the dark side of the object that were visible at the lower magnification appear to be part of some sort of circular structures stretching the width of the object. Unfortunately with only one photograph we have no clue which direction (if any) the object is traveling in, but if we assume the object is traveling away from the camera, the dark section we are seeing may be the external portions of a propulsion system. This could provide a plausible explanation for the darker coloration which could either be the result of exhaust from the system, or the propulsion system being recessed into the craft to reduce the thermal or infrared signature of the craft (like was done on the Stealth Fighter).

What we are seeing in this picture is anybodies guess, but baring a well executed hoax, it appears to be some sort of UFO. Whether its origin is terrestrial or extraterrestrial, while I cannot personally vouch for the photographer and I am not an expert at image analysis, this appears to be a photo of something that is currently unknown to the general public and I want to thank Magic_lamp for sharing it with us. Please feel free to share what you think this object is in the comments and for those of you that are interested, the largest size copy of the photo is available here for your perusal.

ufo by Magic_lamp on Flickr

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7 Responses to “UFO Spotted In Picture Taken From A Jetliner”

  1. Brent says:

    This appears to be some type of shuttle from a larger craft similar to a puddle jumper on “Stargate SG-1″ and “Stargate Atlantis”. It is obvious that this is not something of known origin…at least to us lowly humans.

  2. Fiend says:

    There’s my trash can lid!

  3. lolololololol says:

    It is obviously something on the window… Maybe he didn’t notice it when he took a picture because his attention was on everything beyond the window. Considering the speck is not much of a disturbance to the overall picture.

    • John D says:

      That is what I thought at first, but if you look closely (or as close as you can since it is not a full res image) you’ll notice that the object is not on the same focal plane as the other smudges, etc. that are on the window. After quickly plugging in the EXIF data from Flickr to a depth of field calculator (, I found that for anything in the image to be in focus (which in my opinion the object is – it just is very small) it has to be more than 2.8 ft from the front of the camera. Since none of the smudges that are on the window are in focus, this leads me to the conclusion that the window was within 2.8ft from the camera and thus the object in question was AT LEAST 2.8ft from the camera, placing it well outside the airplane.

  4. Joe says:

    this seems to be an object passing thru dimensions, that’s probably why it seems like its been sliced on the front side.

  5. Dave says:

    It appears to be an unidentified flying object. The important thing to remember is that “UFO” means just that–it’s not necessarily always a synonym for “alien spacecraft.”

    • John D says:

      So very true. Unfortunately, we may (and most likely will never know what is in this picture). The only conclusions I can draw from this photo are:

      A) The photo is either real or has been skillfully manipulated to make it appear real.
      B) The object is most likely outside of the plane (see my response to lolololololol’s comment).
      C) The object appears to have a three dimensional shape.

      Anything else is pure speculation. I do have to admit that I do harbor my own personal theories about it’s origin, but as much as I would love this photo to be the “smoking gun”, it isn’t.

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