UPDATED While out filming contrails/chemtrails Youtube user Breakz23 captured this footage of a strange light that he spotted in the sky over Maryland. According to the video description the light appeared a total of three times (though the he was unable to capture the first two appearances). Despite being filmed on April 1st, this video appears to be a legitimate sighting of… something. According to the witness, this light is not a plane or a helicopter and appeared much brighter than any other object in the sky. From the video, it appears to either be hovering away slowly or at a very high altitude (which given its apparent size in the video would make it enormous). What do you think this strange light that appeared over Maryland is? Share your theories in the comments.

UPDATE: According to a comment left below by the witness, the first time he saw the object it was so bright it caught is attention from the corner of his eye. As he turned the object shot off across the sky at an incredible pace, while the second time it appeared it seemed to float slowly into a cloud bank. With this additional information, it would seem to potentially rule out the theory raised by other commenters that the object was in fact a satellite reflecting the sun.

Bright Light / UFO / Orb / Whatever you wanna call it in Maryland – April 1, 2010 (720p)

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5 Responses to “Unexplained Light Appears Over Maryland – UPDATED [UFO]”

  1. joe says:

    looks and acts like a satellite reflecting sun off of a side or surface while rotating. If he saw it three times in ten minutes along a linear trajectory it may be just that but if it appeared in different locations not in line well then….

  2. Carlos says:

    Hey, this is my film! I saw on my youtube account that it was embedded here. :)

    Joe, it definitely wasn’t a satellite. The first time it appeared due east of this filmed sighting. I was looking about 120 degrees to the west when it lit up EXTREMELY BRIGHT, catching my attention and making me turn to see what it was. Once my head turned to see it, it appeared silver and shot across the horizon due west at tremendous speed. I really wish I would have caught that on film!! The second time I saw it, it was slowly moving towards a cloud, went through it, and never came out the other end. It just disappeared through the cloud. No sign of it. The third time I saw it is captured in this footage.

    Since filming this footage, I have seen it appear in 3 other video clips I’ve filmed, unbeknown to me at the time of filming. It’s some crazy stuff; never thought I’d be a “UFO hunter”, but now I’m determined to catch more sightings on film!

    Cheers. :)

    • John D says:


      Thank you for the additional information about your sighting. From what you have said, it would seem to rule out Joe’s theory that what you filmed was a satellite. Hopefully you will be successful in your attempt to capture more sightings that may further explain the UFO you filmed.


  3. Tim Farley says:

    This looks to me very much like a very very bright Iridium Flare. They are among the brightest things you can see in the sky, and yes they are sometimes visible in broad daylight. You can read about them on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite_flare

    With the exact time and location of the sighting (including the direction you were facing) you could look this up on a site like http://heavens-above.com, though I’m not sure how far back their retroactive data goes. (Click “next 24 hrs” under “Iridium Flares” then on the screen that appears keep hitting “Prev.” until April 1 – the date of the video – appears).

    Again you’ll need enter your EXACT GPS location, Iridium Flares are very specific to a location due to the angle needed for the bright reflection.

    • John D says:


      Thank you for the information and possible explanation for the sighting. Hopefully Carlos can look up when the next Iridium Flare will be and watch to see if it is what he saw and report back.


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